Saturday, 26 December 2009

Gay - Am I bothered?

Following on from my previous post on this topic I found this great quote from the New Statesman columnist,  Manselle D'Argy-Smith:
"People who define themselves by their age are about as appealing to be with as feminists who drone on about women's rights; Homosexuals who are obsessed with being 'gay', or environmentalists who mention recycling every time they drop round for a cup of green tea."
What can I say? Obviously I'm not isolated in my thinking and the above quote deals with three of my 'favourite' dislikes, all of which come under the category of 'self-absorbed' or 'self-important' interest for many of the people I meet!
I am sick to death of 'wimmin' and feminists with their 'we're a special case - so discriminate positively in my favour' stuff. If you're good enough to get the job, in my experience you generally will whether you're male of female. Where there is bias, I stand against it but often when I have investigated the bias was on the wearer of the other glass slipper.
The same goes for all this animal rights tosh where animals have spirits and have an equal right to life with humans. My thinking here is that where we have rights we also have responsibilities - so in that case the animals had better get out a find a job too! Sadly, the nutters get lumped in with the people who are trying to save polar bears and do worry about global warming - which still doesn't have the scientific consensus that it's us what's doing it - after all, the earth has been settling down for a good many years and the records show a trend, but have not been kept long enough to detect whether a pattern exists!
The homosexuals want me to think there are lots more than there are. perhaps this is why I have encountered so much gender confusion over the years as people effectively try to groom younger people and persuade them that they aren't heterosexual. And when they do succeed we are all expected to applaud and tell them how nice it is and all that stuff.
We have a life to live and we do it only once - we need to be the best people we can be and to try and be the difference in this world. This is what Christianity is about - peace does come to the earth in that first Christmas. This peace touches an individual and they touch others, who also find this peace, and so on. The logical conclusion is that had we connected well enough with one another then the whole world would have had this peace
Along with this peace comes a relationship with God and this relationship carried with it expectations. Expectations regarding behaviour, attitudes and action - and these, stopping the self-absorbed elements of life mean that people reject the message, reject the belief and live in a world of their own making (which of course being all they have lead to the self-pleasing, self-absorbed, little people who started this thread off!).
Why not step back and see where you're more interested in your pleasures, more happy enjoying whatever (or whoever) rings your bell, and so self-absorbed to see that their is a world out there which is destroying itself because it rejects the peace? Religions do start wars - because they struggle for their own selfish mantras to overcome the true source of peace and put themselves (and their organisation) on the throne. they might adapt and use the language and stories but they aren't the peace and aren't the Way either - there is only one - accept no imitations and don't argue or try to make a virtue out of your own limitations.


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